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Pellet bag cart: a back-saving solution

The pellet bag cart can be a resource to compensate for the disadvantages that pellet heating entails.

There is often an emphasis on the advantages of this heating system, which are in fact sensitive, but not on “structural defects”. These can lead to important consequences, especially for joints.

We talk about it here, providing an overview of the problems related to pellets and presenting the solution: a particular type of pellet bag cart.

Advantages and disadvantages of pellets

Pellet heating is nothing new in recent years. However, it has only recently become widespread, since the issue of energy saving has gained some importance. In fact, the biggest advantage over other heating systems is precisely this: the ability to realize radical savings. According to the most conservative estimates, those who use pellets spend 30% compared to those who use the classic methane.

Pellet heating is also compatible with the most elegant furnishing solutions. Stoves that use this material, in fact, are often the result of careful design work, which winks at the most refined styles. Finally, pellets are easy to handle and pollute little.

Nevertheless, it has some disadvantages. One in particular: it weighs. It is sold in packages, usually 15 kilos. A demanding weight even for the most trained people. A weight that can be a problem, if the residence is not equipped with a lift. This is not a rare occurrence: the Italian urban heritage is very old, and in many cases the elevator can not even be installed.

Here pellets, from a resource as it actually is, becomes a risk factor. Obviously, for the joints and the back. On the other hand, loading a dozen pounds on your shoulders and walking dozens of steps is never a joke. The first few times you almost do not feel the effort, but in the long run the trouble emerges.

Is there a solution to this? Or is it better to give up pellets and return to methane or any other system that does not require the transport of fuel?

Well, there is a solution, and it is given by the package carrier pellets.

A trolley for transporting pellets? Why not

In fact, a pellet trolley, specifically dedicated to the transport of this material, does not exist. However, trolleys designed for the transport of more or less heavy and bulky goods can be used. These are devices dedicated to professional logistics and delivery activities. High-performance models can help you carry appliances, furniture, windows and doors.

Some are electric and some are not. Obviously, only the first manage to reduce fatigue sensibly, if not completely. The latter, however, require some physical effort, and retain a certain degree of risk.

The question to ask is: is there any variant of cart “saliscale” designed for pellets or at least for domestic activities?

That’s not a small question. On the other hand, professional devices cost a lot, require an economic effort, in the order of thousands of euros.

Yes, there is a product that responds to this sketch: Fido Stairclimber.

Fido Stairclimber, the ultimate solution

Fido Stairclimber was born from the ingenuity of Mario Snc, who adapted his professional ups and downs to domestic activities. The product is ergonomic, efficient, adapted to the needs of ordinary people. So, it turns out to be a perfect pellet trolley. Of course, it can also be used for other loads, such as shopping, water packs, toolbox etc.

Fido Stairclimber boasts many advantages.

It’s electric, because it moves itself, thanks to an effective lithium battery and a system of groups of three wheels mixed with tracks.

It is easy to use, as it is designed specifically for everyday tasks. The handle is ergonomic and ensures a firm grip.

It’s spacious and powerful, as it easily carries tens of pounds.

It’s versatile, because it moves easily even on the plane.

Fido Saliscale is available in three versions. Fido Standard, for not too heavy loads; Fido Mate 30, for extra loads; Fido Mate 30 Plus, which is the customizable version of the previous one.

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The flagship product of the series is the Fido 30 Mate. Here are its specifications.

Wide autonomy -> 40 floors
Extraordinary range -> 30 kg
High speed -> 40 steps per minute
Light weight -> 12 kg
Small size -> 55 x 40 x 80 cm da aperto / 55 x 15 x 80 cm da chiuso.

Want to know more about the Mate 30? Clicca qui.

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