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Cart for transporting wood and pellets: choose Fido

If you are looking for a cart for transporting wood, pellets and heating fuel in general, you have found it: it is Fido Stariclimber.

It’s the perfect ally for transporting cargo at home. It guarantees a comfortable and safe experience, allows you to turn a strenuous activity into a breeze.

We talk about it here, first introducing the problem of fuel transport, and then deepening the features of Fido.

Why you need a cart for transporting wood and pellets

Despite the presence and effectiveness of the most modern heating systems, the coupled wood and fireplace still holds counter. The reason is simple: it is effective and makes atmosphere. However, it is also difficult to handle. The question is not so much the fireplace as the wood. It must be transported, often in an upper floor on the ground floor. An important problem, considering that many houses are not equipped with a lift and that, even if this is present, the fireplace could be inserted in the more general context of two-storey houses.

So the wood must be transported by hand up the stairs, with all that follows in terms of fatigue. This dynamic becomes worrying if the wood is carried by an elderly person or a person with reduced mobility. In this case, the transport of wood is not limited to being tiring, but becomes even painful.

This also applies to another heating system, the pellet stove. Of course, the pellet lasts a long time, but the packages weigh more or less anyway the packages of timber (usually nets).

In light of this, an aid is useful always and in any case. If the heating is managed by an elderly person or a fragile person, it is even necessary.

You usually rely on manual trolleys with groups of three wheels, which in fact can walk the stairs. They allow you to reduce the risks of hand transport, but the fatigue remains almost unchanged. I mean, back to square one.

So why not opt for electric carts? In this context, to stand out is especially Fido Stairclimber.

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What’s new in Fido Stairclimber

Escalators are devices designed for professional deliveries and logistics. Typically, they handle loads of tens and tens of pounds, if not hundreds, as well as quite bulky. However, there are versions reserved for domestic activities, such as the transport of food expenses, water packages, and precisely wood and pellets.

In most cases, it is an improvised revival of professional trolleys, which are uncomfortable to handle, too heavy, unnecessarily powerful and above all very expensive.

Fido is different. Fido is the result of a radical reinterpretation of the concept of stairclimber. It uses the same technologies as professional devices, but proceeds from an approach that looks at the functionality and convenience of the user experience. In short, it is designed exclusively for use by ordinary people, and for common transport activities.

So it’s handy, with the telescopic dumbbells stretching to the user’s needs. It’s light, and therefore usable even by fragile people. It’s versatile, because it’s compatible with a wide range of loads: shopping, water, wood, pellets, even… pets. The reference is in particular to sick or injured dogs, who struggle to climb stairs. For them, just jump aboard Fido, who will appear to their eyes like a fun carousel, to reach your destination without effort.

Fido is equipped with groups of three wheels but also tracks, which guarantees stability and speed. In the same way, it is equipped with external wheels, so it gives its best even on the flat, even on rough terrain.

Fido Staircilmber’s model

Fido is present in three versions.

  • Fido Standard, suitable for medium loads.
  • Fido Mate 30, suitable for the most demanding loads.
  • Fido Mate 30 plus, that is the customization version of the Mate 30 (in terms of aesthetics and equipment).

The most requested model, probably because of its extreme versatility and incredible value for money, is the Mate 30. Here are its specifications.

Wide range -> 40 floors. High speed -> 40 steps per minute. Reduced weight -> 12 kg Reduced dimensions -> 55 x 40 x 80 cm when open / 55 x 15 x 80 cm when closed.

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