How much does Fido Stairclimber cost?
What is the price of Fido Stairclimber?

Every day we get dozens of phone calls from people asking us questions like, “How much does Fido Stairclimber cost?” or “What is the price of Fido Stairclimber?” or search on the search engines “fido stairclimber price“.

Surely the price of an appliance is important for your portfolio but the advantages that we can derive from that price are even more important.

You should know that the price of our Fido Stairclimber repays every effort.

By purchasing Fido electric stairclimber:

  • eliminate all efforts back, shoulders and neck;
  • avoid injuries resulting from the transport of weights on stairs for example to wood boxes, bags of pellets, water crates, gas cylinder, heavy shopping bags, flower pots, tool boxes and much more;
  • become autonomous in carrying weights by stairs (it takes 2 fingers of a person to carry weights of 30kg for over 40 floors);
  • circumvent the problem of NO elevator;
  • save in the installation of a stairlift (starting from at least 4000€);
  • you have an home appliance conceived, designed, assembled in ITALY;
  • you are covered by a WARRANTY with Italian assistance;
  • you place an long-lasting investment and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed because Fido SRL was born from the thirty-year experience of Mario SRLleading manufacturer of professional motorized electric stairclimber;
  • buy an electrical device easy to transport also in the car since weighs less than 13kg;
  • buy a household appliance patented in Europe;
  • you bring home an electric stairclimber so compact that when not needed can be hidden behind the door or under the bed;
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prezzo saliscale economico

Our Electric Stairclimber’s price is ADVANTAGEOUS.

Some of our customers have solved the problem of transporting materials on the stairs without having to install a stairlift and saving thousands of euros. Not only the savings are due to the stair lift, but also to the masonry works that they would have had to do to install it in their homes. Stairlifts are great if you need to transport people.

Who should install a stairlift and discover our electric stairclimber to transport materials on stairs has a guaranteed saving and absolute mobility because our trolley can be easily transported from the main house to the second house or to the supermarket. An convenient solution compared to the fixed installation of a stairlift.

The price of the electric stairclimber is IMPORTANT.

Of course!
The price of our Fido stairclimber reflects the patented technological innovation and the resolution of important problems.
Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to carry weights on the stairs and with Fido Stariclimber we succeeded.

Certainly it is that buying Fido, you do not buy a simple manual shopping cart trolley but a real electric device, innovative and portable for moving materials on stairs: for many of our customers this is priceless.

Do not compare us with large and bulky trolleys that must be driven by trained people, our Fido can be guided with 2 fingers after use is designed to be hidden behind a door or under the bed and this is also a nice advantage.

prezzo saliscale importante

Fido in fact is:

“The lightest and cheapest electric stairclimber in the world!”

Return on sale - Investment in time

The price of the Fido cart is an INVESTMENT for your future

Those who choose the Fido electric stairclimber choose a tool that will become increasingly useful with the passage of time. Even when your strength decreases, your Fido will help you in all your daily transports, making you completely autonomous.

Strengthened by the fact that we are a company that comes from the thirty-year experience of Mario SRL, spare parts will be available over time even after years.
A high level of customer support that intervenes promptly in every situation both with regard to service issues, both regarding the replacement of spare parts.

In short, the FIDO support and guarantee ensure longevity to your purchase.

Now that you know the price of FIDO choose your electric stairclimber

FIDO STANDARDFIDO MATE 30 (best-selling)
Maximum load capacity20 Kg30 Kg
BatteryPlumb, 10 floors of autonomyLithium, 40 floors of autonomy
External wheelsnoSi

Facilities on the payment of the price of FIDO electric stairclimber

To facilitate all people who want to take home our Fido electric stairclimber we have made available many types of payment:

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Choose the FIDO that suits you

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