giancarlo bonafe

Our Story

In 1993 Giancarlo Bonafé founded Mario S.r.l. Company dedicated to the construction and marketing of electric stairclimbers designed for the professional transport of heavy loads on stairs (furniture, appliances, windows, etc.).

Over the years, Mr Bonafè conceives and designs new models up to the intuition of the need for a product for the consumer market: the idea Fido Saliscale is born. Mr. Bonafè, patents a new way of use of the two most common systems used to climb stairs: the 3 wheels mechanism and the tracks.

Fido is proposed as the World’s lightest and least expensive motorized electric stairclimber, designed for domestic use or for professionals such as electricians or plumbers and in general for those who deal with minor repairs, having the need to move with very heavy toolboxes.

Fido also brings with it an innovation from the point of view of design; never has an electric stairclimber been so beautiful to see, with dimensions and weight so contained.

Fido S.r.l., innovative start-up born from the spin-off of Mario S.r.l., buys from Mr Bonafè the rights, the drawings and the first prototypes and aims to create and subsequently commercialize an innovative domestic escalator.