Electric stairclimber FIDO MATE 30


Fido Mate 30, the revolutionary new generation motorized electric stairclimber that helps you effortlessly carry heavy everyday objects even on the narrowest and steepest stairs.

  • 14 giorni di diritto di recesso
  • Imballaggio professionale
  • Spedizione con SDA/GLS/TNT
  • Spedizione in 2/4 giorni lavorativi

Fido Mate 30

  • The revolutionary new generation Electric Motorized Stair Climber that helps you effortlessly transport heavy objects for everyday use even on the narrowest and steepest stairs.

Who is Fido for?

  • For anyone carrying something heavy.
  • For those suffering from physical problems and lives every day with reduced mobility;
  • For carrying groceriesother necessities, such as the woodsandpellet;
  • For professionalsas electricians or plumbers and in general for those who deal with small repairs and need to move withtoolboxes;

Anti-fatigue Patented Mechanism

  • Combinestracksand3 wheels for a more agile climb of the steps. You can use it to carry groceries, pellet bags, toolboxes, and much more for a massimo di 30 kg.

Increased Performance

  • Thanks to the brand new lithium-ion battery, Fido Mate 30 boasts a large autonomy (40 floors).
  • Thanks to the new 24V motor, it has a higher load capacity (30 kg) and a higher speed.

On Any Surface

  • Fido moves easily even on the most difficult surfaces, thanks to the larger side wheels, which are automatically inserted and disengaged.

Maximum Ergonomics

  • With the new telescopic rods extended by 10 cm, even tall people can remain upright during use.

Greater Autonomy

  • The lithium battery guarantees, with less weight, a greater autonomy amended deterioration over the years.

Stability And Flexibility

  • The increased base allows to carry more voluminous objects, providing also a considerable load stability.

Maximum Comfort

  • The new button on the handle allows to reverse the gear with a single gesture. In addition, with the new handle you can maneuver Fido in optimal conditions.
Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 55 × 80 × 15 cm
Max Load

30 Kg

Battery Life

40 floors




24 Volt

Uneven floors


Ergonomic handle


Bigger charging base


Better control buttons




Steps per minute


Luggage support


Anti-noise wheel




Alluminum box


Size opened

55cm x 40cm x 130cm

Size closed

55cm x 15cm x 80cm

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