Fido Standard


The faithful companion you can rely on to effortlessly carry out the most demanding daily tasks.

  • 14 giorni di diritto di recesso
  • Imballaggio professionale
  • Spedizione con SDA/GLS/TNT
  • Spedizione in 2/4 giorni lavorativi

Fido Standard: the electric stairclimber that goes up and down stairs with loads up to 20 kg.

Finally, the solution you’ve been waiting for! With Fido Standard, you no longer have to worry about lifting heavy weights up the stairs. Let this wonder of technology take care of everything!  

Farewell to lifting heavy objects

Forget about lifting heavy loads! With Fido Standard, everything gets easier. No matter whether you need to carry groceries, luggage or other bulky loads, Fido Standard is here for you. Let him do all the heavy lifting while you enjoy the comfort.

Face the Stairs Effortlessly

So much for carrying heavy objects up and down the stairs. Fido Standard is equipped with advanced technology to tackle stairs with ease. It flows smoothly over each step, providing a stable and safe transport solution. Forget about the bad blows and the risks of falling!

Lightweight and portable design

With a perfect balance between ruggedness and portability, Fido Standard is designed to make your life easier. Its lightness allows you to transport it effortlessly when not in use. You can easily store it behind a door or in a compact space, saving valuable floor space.

The Electric Stairclimber Easy to Manoeuvre and Store

Fido Standard is extremely easy to operate, thanks to its intelligent design. You can easily move it in all directions without any effort. And when you’re done using it, storing it will be a breeze. You can let it disappear in a corner or in a closet, ready to be used when you need it. Are you ready to discover the revolution in transport on stairs? Buy Fido Standard today and experience the convenience of unlimited transport!
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 47 × 73 × 16 cm
Max Load

20 Kg

Battery Life

10 floors




12 Volt

Uneven floors


Ergonomic handle


Bigger charging base


Better control buttons




Steps per minute


Luggage support


Anti-noise wheel




Alluminum box


Size opened

45cm x 40cm x 120cm

Size closed

47cm x 16cm x 73cm


9 Kg

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