Prevention of Back Pain
The Crucial Role of Fido Stairclimber

Back pain, a problem that afflicts many people, often arise from improper or repetitive lifting of heavy loads. According to statistics, millions of individuals experience back pain due to daily activities involving lifting heavy objects. It is therefore imperative to understand that prevention is key to avoid the progressive deterioration of back health.

La prevenzione si rivela come la difesa più efficace contro i dolori alla schiena causati dal sollevamento di carichi pesanti. Dealing with the situation before it becomes critical is a fundamental principle to avoid long-term complications. Investing in preventive practices significantly reduces the risk of back damage, ensuring long-term spinal health.

By purchasing Fido electric stairclimber:

  • eliminate all efforts back, shoulders and neck;
  • avoid injuries resulting from the transport of weights on stairs for example to wood boxes, bags of pellets, water crates, gas cylinder, heavy shopping bags, flower pots, tool boxes and much more;
  • become autonomous in carrying weights by stairs (it takes 2 fingers of a person to carry weights of 30kg for over 40 floors) ;
  • circumvent the problem of NO elevator;
  • save in the installation of a stairlift (starting from at least 4000€);
  • you have an home appliance conceived, designed, assembled in ITALY;
  • you are covered by a WARRANTY with Italian assistance;
  • you place an long-lasting investment and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed because Fido SRL was born from the thirty-year experience of Mario SRLleading manufacturer of professional motorized electric stairclimber;
  • buy an electrical device easy to transport also in the car since weighs less than 13kg;
  • buy a household appliance patented in Europe;
  • you bring home an electric stairclimber so compact that when not needed can be hidden behind the door or under the bed;
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Prevention of back pain
Prevention of back pain

If you live in a house where you have stairs with NO elevator, it’s only a matter of time: SOON OR LATER, YOU’RE BOUND TO GET BACK PAIN.

This is normal in cases. Single and isolated stress can cause accidents at worst. If instead the effort is continuous, daily and repetitive, the chances of running into back problems are almost certain. Are precisely those repetitive tasks that at the moment give little bother, which accumulating years can become the cause of the problem.

Once the back then becomes compromised, every daily operation, even the simplest, becomes an insurmountable obstacle.

That’s why prevention becomes FUNDAMENTAL.

The real point is to anticipate a situation of discomfort, to be able to perform an optimal daily activity long before the real problems arise.

When our bodies start giving us signals, we must be good at listening to them put in place corrective measures and not hide our heads in the sand.

What does it mean to implement corrective measures?

It means having supports/machines/grips like Fido Stairclimber to help people anticipate back problems.

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Return on sale - Investment in time

When the situation is already compromised, Fido becomes AN IMPORTANT SUPPORT but does not work miracles.

We get very close, but nobody does miracles.

Fido Stairclimber becomes a decisive support even more when the situation is already compromised, because in this case a support is essential in terms of independence.

When there is a compromised back, you lose the independence of being able to carry out in total autonomy the small daily challenges. This in addition to physical pain is perhaps the most demeaning thing.

For this reason we feel the need to convey the message that the supreme use of Fido lies in the prevention of back pain and not when there are already serious situations.

Our intention is to allow people to prevent back pain and not to sell a product that will mitigate an already serious situation.

We don’t want to be the last card in the deck when things go wrong, we want to be the first card you play for long-term peace of mind.

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